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Why Storage Really Makes For A Successful Home Renovation 

Posted on 10th October 2023 by Master Removers

Renovation and/or refurbishment requires several key ingredients if it’s to be completed on time and within budget. Foremost among them are planning and forethought and the hiring of reputable and reliable help. But there are other variables that can have a huge impact, for good or ill, on your project, including the time of year and the quality of the raw materials. What often gets overlooked, however, is storage. At first, it might not even have more than a tangential connection, if that, to the world of home renovations. But probe a little further and in no time it becomes apparent just how much storage can help.

Starting Your Project

A reputable and thorough storage company can help you before the work has even begun. If you bring them on board at the outset, they can undertake a survey of your space and, bearing in mind the nature of the renovation, will then advise you just how much stuff you need to clear from the property in order for the work to go ahead unencumbered. Readying your property for renovation by clearing it can mean that work goes far more smoothly than if you try to make space by simply cramming all your belongings into one area of the house – that way lies chaos and disorder. Yes, you can prepare a house for renovation by designating a specific room as a storage space, but often you’ll find you then have to move everything all over again at least once if not twice. Using your own property for storage space can turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth; property renovation or modernisation can run over schedule and you can end up in the position of needing to retrieve something that’s right at the back of your spare bedroom, behind a sea of heavy boxes. 

Choosing Your Storage Company

For reasons we’ll come to, ideally you should seek a removals company that also provides storage rather than a storage-only firm. Prioritise companies that are BAR (British Association of Removers) accredited, because they’ll be held to higher standards of customer service. Failure to meet those standards means forfeiting their accreditation. Any Master Removers Group company will be BAR members as a matter of course. 

After that, you can whittle down your list of potential companies by taking a closer look at their Google reviews and TrustPilot ratings. Make sure to establish what kinds of protections their insurance provides you. Look at the different options they make available in terms of fcontract lengths. And do they have a full packing service? How are your belongings transferred to the storage facility? For example, do they bring storage containers to your door, load them up and then take them back to the storage units, thereby minimising the risk of damage? And how easy do they make it to retrieve items during the renovation period? All these questions are the ones to keep at the forefront of your mind during the decision-making process.

Packing Up

Consider availing yourself of your chosen storage company’s packing service so that everything is professionally packaged and inventoried before being taken away. All your goods will most likely be covered by the company’s insurance and then work can go ahead with no risk of anything being damaged or  destroyed. 

Moving Out

For some renovation projects, the only answer is to move out temporarily and either rent somewhere or stay with family while the work goes ahead. If you use a removals company with a storage facility, then you can achieve both aims under one roof and avoid the time-sapping stress of dealing with two separate organisations. Your removals firm can help you take some belongings with you to your temporary home while storing others. 

During the Renovation

Depending on the kind of storage you choose, it shouldn’t be any problem accessing your stored items during the storage period, whether you’ve opted for self-storage or containerised storage (though with the latter, options for retrieval may be more controlled/limited). 

Getting the Most out of Your Storage

Before your renovation begins, there are other steps you can take to make sure your have the optimal storage experience. Familiarise yourself with the kinds of items your storage company is unlikely to accept. This usually includes anything flammable or potentially dangerous ( including fuels, paints, aerosols and oils) and items that are vulnerable to contamination such as foodstuffs and soil. If you’re looking to store valuables, this may need to be by specific agreement, so ask your storage company about anyting that falls under this umbrella, including jewellery, deeds, expensive watches and computing equipment. 

You’ll also get the most out of storage if you conduct a thorough declutter before your renovation begins. That way, you’re not using storage space for things you’ll end up getting rid of a year or two later. Get rid of them now instead.

If you’re doing the packing up yourself rather than using your company’s packing service, then don’t stint on good clear labelling or making an inventory. Both steps will make it far easier to track and retrieve items during the renovation. Be sure to use robust, sturdy packing materials and limit damage by filling up empty space in boxes with a cushioning material such as bubble wrap or tissue paper. 

After the Renovation

Consider holding onto your storage space for a little while after your home project is finished. Not only will you want to clean away the renovation debris as thoroughly as possible, you may also want to take advantage of the opportunity to try different configurations of furniture, until you’re sure everything’s just the way you want it.

If you’ve chosen self-storage, there’s another decluttering opportunity when your renovation is finished. Make a decision only to reintroduce the items you really need. It won’t take long to work out whether some of your stored items are things you haven’t touched, let alone needed, for years and years. Those things can either be given away or discarded.