What Makes A Master Remover?

When you’re moving house, you want to know you can trust someone with all your precious belongings.

To get it right first time you need trained, experienced and capable professionals.

We are Master Removers, a group of long-established, well-respected firms with roots in communities around the country. Everyone who needs to move or store their precious possessions should insist on a Master Remover, someone with:

  • a proven record of absolute competence
  • an in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of moving and storage
  • an established local reputation

Here are the attributes we demand when awarding the title ‘Master Remover’:

Specialist expertise and competence

We expect Master Removers to be just that: masters of their craft. They achieve the highest standards of excellence in all the skilled and technical aspects of removals, packing and storage. They are extremely capable and will carry out even the most complex or delicate moving tasks competently and without fuss.

They are all members of the British Association of Removers (BAR).

A personal, friendly, trustworthy service

To qualify, Master Removers must be considerate, friendly people – sensitive to the fact that moving is emotional, and dedicated to ensuring that it isn’t stressful. They are approachable and accommodating – and nothing is too much trouble. Master Removers are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards and will not let any customer down.

An outstanding local reputation

The best removals companies are longstanding businesses, often family-run, which have established a local reputation for reliability and care over generations, and will do everything possible to ensure that reputation is maintained.

We only invite the most highly-regarded firms to be accredited Master Removers.

Great value for money

Each Master Remover has deep local roots. But working as a group means we have scale, strength and a national network. That means our customers benefit from economies of scale, a reliable presence and collaborations with fellow members.

All in all, we combine great quality with great value for money.

Find your nearest Master Remover here.


A question of trust

Would you trust a random stranger to provide your wedding banquet, just because he happened to own an oven? 

…Or a chap from the pub to rewire your electrics just because he had a screwdriver on him?…

….And even if your mate had a really sharp knife handy, would you really want him to perform your appendix removal operation?

So why would you trust somebody to carefully and efficiently move all your precious worldly possessions in a day, just because he happens to have a van and says he can move your stuff? A stress-free, risk-free removal requires skilled professionals.

Why take a chance when you can take on a Master Remover?