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U.K. housing market trends – 1970’s to present day, and a prediction for the future.

Posted on 24th August 2023 by Master Removers

At Master Removers Group, we have a bird’s eye view of trends from the nation’s leading removals and storage companies. Although conversations around the housing market tend to focus on the fluctuations of prices and stability, it is always interesting to see how trends affect what people are looking for when they move into a new home and a new life situation.  Different decades have political and economic factors that drive trends and developments in housing, which affect moving habits.  Taking a broader perspective, it is interesting to see the evolution of housing preferences, and the circumstances which shape affordability and quality of housing. The removals and storage industry continues to grow, particularly in the newer sector of storage, which is highly flexible and adaptable.  Patterns over various decades show emerging trends which set to influence the housing markets of the future. 

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