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Moving At Short Notice – How To Do It

Posted on 27th April 2023 by Master Removers

In an ideal world, we’d have all the time we needed to prepare for moving house. We’d draw up our moving plan no less than three months before the big day and nothing would get left to chance. Our preferred moving company would be available at the exact date and time we needed them and the whole thing would be pulled off without so much as breaking a sweat or chipping a fingernail. But sometimes life forces us to be realists – a completely unforeseeable event throws our best-laid plans into the air and we’re left flustered, running here and there trying to pick up the pieces. We could be manoeuvred into a short-notice house move for any number of reasons, from bereavement to an unanticipated work posting or from change in financial circumstances to plain, old-fashioned inefficiency on our own parts. If you’ve been at the receiving end of such an upheaval, then you know how important it is to know the basics of short-notice moving. Here’s our Master Remover guide to moving house at the last minute.

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