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Master Removers Group on Google Reviews and Trustpilot

Posted on 20th December 2022 by Master Removers

One of the key principles of every company in the Master Removers Group is its total and unwavering commitment to good customer service. We firmly believe that if customer service is scrupulously looked after, then the rest falls into place. As soon as customer service is subjugated to another concern, things start falling apart. We know from the horror stories we’ve heard over the years just what a bad sign it is when a company doesn’t provide decent customer service. When, for example, they make themselves hard to get hold of – like the delivery companies who make it impossible to get in touch by telephone – and hide behind complicated keypad-operated menu systems or inadequate online contacts forms. We pride ourselves on being the opposite. And one of the ways we stay on top of customer service is by paying close attention to our reviews and customer feedback. 

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