Specialist moving and storage services

If you have something unusual or tricky to move, we have the equipment, skills and experience to handle it…

Pianos and musical instruments

Piano moving is a specialist skill and should not be attempted by amateurs! Pianos are heavy, tricky to manoeuvre and getting it wrong can cause irreparable damage to your beloved instrument.

At Master Removers we know exactly what we’re doing with pianos and have all the right equipment whether it’s an upright or a Grand Piano – so we’ll move your piano securely from A to B. We can also store your piano safely for you if you don’t yet have room for it in your new property.

The same goes for other precious musical instrument and fragile valuables – we can pack, move and store them for you, so you’ll have complete peace of mind.

Fragile antiques, artworks and valuables

Whether it’s a precious collection of antiques, a priceless chandelier or a gigantic statue requiring a crane to lift, we can move it safely for you.

We’re experts at packing fragile and valuable items securely, whatever size or shape they are, and then moving them or storing them at our secure unit until you need them.

Master Removers even has an arm of the business dedicated exclusively to the storage and moving of fine art, both to private collectors and to top international galleries and auction houses.


Removal and relocation of safes

Safes and secure cabinets can often be extremely heavy, so disposing of, removing or even relocating a safe within a building call for specialist skills and equipment.

We can take care of moving all kinds of safe, such as:

  • Cash desposit safes
  • Fire-proof cabinets
  • Large, freestanding safes
  • Gun cabinets

We have all the necessary kit to move heavy objects securely – including cranes, trolleys and stair climbers – so no relocation or disposal is too much of a challenge. Our sister company Bishopsgate distributes all of the Chubb safes in the UK, so this an area where we have deep levels of expertise.

Contact us to talk about how we can help with your moving task.