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UK Home Moving Services

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UK Home Moving Services

Whatever the size and nature of your house move a Master Remover near you can provide a comprehensive, quality service expertly tailored to your needs.


Planning the right removal service for you

Every home removal is different, so the first step is to contact one of our home-moving experts to talk through the best way forward for you.

We will listen to you and put together a custom-made removals plan that suits your needs, your budget and your timetable. We will cover all the bases.

We will also be able to supply you with packing boxes and materials, in case you want to do your own packing.

The earlier you speak to a Master Remover about your move the better – contact us here.


Packing and moving

On your agreed moving day a qualified Master Remover Surveyor will arrive at your home fully appraised of the agreed moving plan. He’ll talk you through the plans for the day, and his skilled team will efficiently and expertly pack up all your belongings in the right order, ready for a safe move.

Master Remover teams have all the necessary gear to move even the heaviest, largest or most awkward items of furniture, so you can have total peace of mind that your precious things will make it securely and safely to your new home..

Usually, the most experienced movers will take charge of the kitchen, securely wrapping up all your fragile glasses and crockery. Even the trickiest breakables – from statues to chandeliers – can have crates or boxes built specially for them on site.

Once your possessions are safely loaded onto our vehicles, the team will drive them to their new location, keeping in touch with you all the way. Our experienced teams are well used to coping with all kinds of challenges and will navigate the best path through your relocation with a minimum of fuss.

Unpacking and aftercare

Once at your new home the Master Removers will carefully unpack each box and item of furniture and make sure it’s placed in the right room.

You can stay in control of the process and the team will make sure you’re completely happy with where everything is, before we gather up all their packing materials and take them off for recycling.

The Master Removers can find electricians and handymen for you and wil lmake sure your essential white goods such as fridge and washing machine are plugged in and working, and even arrange for someone to put up shelves and hang pictures. So you’ll be ready to put the kettle on and start enjoying life in your new home right away.


Downsizing? Moving temporarily into a rental? If you don’t have quite enough space for everything when you move in, and need a bit of extra storage space during or after the move, Master Removers offer a convenient, secure service that represents exceptional value for money. See more about storage options here.