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Thinking of Moving from London to Oxford?

Posted on 25th November 2022 by Master Removers

If your plans are coming together to venture beyond the M25, and Oxford is calling, here is a Master Removers Guide to help you consider the ease of this passage.  In the last few years in the race for space, people have been leaving London in increasing numbers.  The soaring house prices and inflated rental costs are a factor. Additionally, many people now work from home and there is no need to be unwillingly betrothed to the capital.  With London close to Oxford, and with great transport links, it is not a hard and dry separation, just a simple relocation. As Oxford has perennial appeal to visitors and locals alike, it is unsurprising that many people have chosen to move there in the last years. The City of the Dreaming Spires has caught many people’s imaginations through time and has so much to offer in terms of history and culture. As an international name denoting quintessential Englishness and scholastic prestige, Oxford will continue to draw residents and visitors into the centre of its cultural heart.  Overwhelmed by the changing face of London, many people seek to find urban culture but on a smaller scale.  Proximity to the countryside and larger gardens are also high on the aspiration lists of those interested to move to Oxford and the surrounding areas. 

Why Move to Oxford – Improved Shopping and Dining 

Check out a  local foodie’s guide to eating and drinking in Oxford to be sure that you will not be losing out by choosing Oxford. With several farmers’ markets and community markets, there is plenty of ways of accessing local produce and local art and crafts. As you would expect in a smaller cultural city there are plenty of independent shops and boutiques. Recently Oxford’s culinary game has been upped to include some excellent world food venues. Interestingly the best restaurants in Oxford are not incredibly expensive and can be accessed on a budget. The  Oxford Covered Market is the heart of the authentic shopping experience in the city.  Alongside all the usual high street suspects, this permanent market of independent traders expresses a lot of what is great about Oxford.  Small local businesses get a chance to trade, and the Oxford community can support local businesses, just as it was 250 years ago. 

Small Scale City Life 

Let’s face it, public transport in London can be a total nightmare. Travelling to meet friends in other wings of the vast metropolis can take up hours. Quality of experience is greatly diminished by spending long hours waiting and underground and it can be exhausting and overwhelming.  With the new driving restrictions in different zones of London, you can barely get the engine going in your car without incurring a fine. Moving to a city that is easy to navigate on foot can be incredibly rewarding, particularly if you have a family and are already an unpaid taxi driver for your children.  Getting around the city, connecting with friends, and navigating activities is all going to be so much smoother in a city Oxford’s size. Plus, there are the community benefits, friendliness, and sense of inclusion that all come from belonging to a place that is more compact. 

Commuting Options

If you are still planning to commute into London trains run from Oxford to Paddington 3 times an hour in peak times.  The journey time is just under an hour. A season ticket is just under £4,000 a year.  With transport links from Paddington into West London and the New Elizabeth lines opening up there is scope for an entirely overground journey.  In Oxfordshire, good commuter villages are near the stations of Didcot Parkway, Bicester North, and Banbury. Routes head into Marylebone and Paddington. The M40 and the M4 are the main arteries that connect Oxford with London, Birmingham, and the West.  While the cost of commuting to London is considerable, the cost of living in Oxford is 32% cheaper. The Oxford Tube runs every 10- 20 minutes, providing a slick coach service back and forth 7 days a week.  Free Wifi and charging facilities on the Oxford Tube can make it a productive journey. 

No Culture Deprivation 

Making the break from London doesn’t mean you will be sentenced to a life of rural monotony.  Oxford is a hidden treasure of culture, history art and festivals. The Ashmolean Gallery has some of the most eclectic exhibitions and cultural artifacts in the UK.  Clearly, Oxford University’s Museum of art and archaeology is going to be a wealth of culture, with plenty of workshops, tours, and events open to the public. Oxford Festival of the Arts is a yearly event with a great international reach. An array of talented artists and performers come together for this eclectic celebration of Art in the city. This summer celebration showcases literature, art, film, and music in a dazzling community event. 

House Prices 

Unsurprisingly there has been an increase in Oxford house prices lately.  Whether this trend will now lose momentum remains to be seen.  However, it is likely that these homes in this inspirational city will retain their value.   Current house prices suggest the average price of a property in the last year was around £546,800. For an in-depth on the area make sure you get familiar with the different regions of North Oxford, Jericho, and Osney.    Summertown, Grandpont, and Wolvercote are worth exploring in your search for a new address.  Another option in Oxford is to jettison dry land for life on the canal.  Read our Master Removers Guide to moving onto a houseboat in Oxford.  

Architectural Beauty 

London’s majesty can be hard to break with, but there is also the constant building and developing which mars the skyline.  In Oxford, you can be inspired by the architecture of the hallowed old world without modern interruptions. From Saxon, Neoclassical, Baroque, Palladian, and Gothic Revival buildings it is a veritable Arcadia of architectural history.  No wonder Oxford has inspired the literary giants in their academic and imaginative feats. There is no place like it in the world. Having a collection of world-famous buildings on your doorstep is going to provide you with solace, entertainment and atmosphere whatever the English weather.

Moving to Oxford from London

So many people head to Oxford for work, study, and inspiration.  We have a dedicated removals and storage team that specialize in London to Oxford removals, and vice versa. Their dedicated service is designed to be both excellent and affordable. With years of experience as Oxford’s most reliable removals and storage company they can be your foundation in transition. Isis of Oxford can relocate you from abroad to Oxford and back again.  Their storage options offer great flexibility for students when navigating accommodation and term times.  If you require transport and delivery solutions for smaller moves, they have a dedicated Man and Van service that can handle any task. If you are considering moving to Oxford from London, speak to the experts today and get a free quote here. Relocate with style and expert help and you can guarantee yourself a positive new beginning in this wonderful city.