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Moving Day: What do I need to remember?

Posted on 6th September 2017 by Master Removers

As qualified Master Removers, we have helped thousands of people through the process of moving home, and we understand exactly how daunting the big day can feel. So here’s our handy checklist to  make sure that your moving day runs as smoothly as possible…


Leaving your old home

While the majority of the packing should already be covered, there are some important final points to remember. Here’s the lowdown on some of the key things you need to consider, before you close your front door for that final time.


Rise, shine, and pack up

It’s time to strip the beds and bag up all of your bedding and curtains, or leave your bedlinen folded on top of the bed if having your packing done for you, ready for transit to your new home.


Set aside special items…

Set aside any items that will be travelling in the car with you, such as special valuables and important documents.


Pack your Moving Day Essentials kit

This box contains all of the essential items that will help get you through the day, and should include:

  • a kettle and mugs
  • tea, coffee, milk and sugar
  • biscuits
  • plates and cutlery
  • mobile phone and charger
  • pen and paper
  • a torch
  • light bulbs
  • basic tools (including screwdrivers, spanners and scissors)
  • soap and toilet paper
  • sponge and cleaning fluid
  • towels and bedding for your first night in your new home
  • first aid kit and any important medication
  • emergency snacks and water
  • toys and colouring kits
  • food supplies and bowls for any pets
  • last but not least, a celebratory bottle (plus bottle opener!)


Run through the moving plan

Your removal company should arrive at your home fully appraised of the agreed moving strategy – so the first thing you should when they arrive is run through the moving plan and make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, and in what order.


Keep it clean

If you haven’t arranged for a cleaning company to give your home the once-over, give the hoover a final tour of the property.

If you rent, you may not get your deposit refunded unless you leave the place sufficiently clean, so it can be a good idea to use a professional firm who specialise in end of tenancy cleaning, including carpet cleaning.


Keep in contact

Make sure you have the contact details for your solicitor, estate agent, removals firm and childcare providers to hand.


Key information

Collect together all of the keys belonging to the property, including keys for doors, windows, sheds, garages, meters, and any spare keys, label them and place them in an envelope read for the hand-over. It’s also helpful to note down useful local information for the new owner, such as refuse collection days and the location of meters and stopcocks.


Take meter readings

Make sure you record meter readings for your water, electricity and gas supplies. It’s worth taking a snapshot on your smart phone, as extra back-up.


And finally…

Conduct a final check, to make sure that all of your belongings are accounted for. Remember to look in cupboards, garages and lofts – and don’t forget wall-clocks and pictures! Ensure that all windows and doors are secured and all utilities switched off.


That’s it –  time to go!

Once your possessions are safely loaded onto our vehicles, the team will drive them to their new location, keeping in touch with you all the way. Our experienced teams are well used to coping with all kinds of challenges and will navigate the best path through your relocation with a minimum of fuss.


Arriving at your new home

So here we are at long last – your new home! Once you’ve arrived at your new pad – and after you’ve put your Moving Day Essentials kit to good use and made everyone a cup of tea – it’s worth taking note of a few more essentials. Here are some pointers to help you settle in.



Keep the kids occupied

If your children are accompanying you on moving day, find a quiet, out of the way spot where they can get down to some colouring and enjoy a snack. If you’re going to be making use of the garden, make sure that it’s child and pet-friendly first. Older children may appreciate being involved, perhaps overseeing a particular task such as the arrangement of their new bedroom.


Conduct a quick tour

It’s a good idea to give your removers a brief tour of your new home, so they know exactly where to put your belongings. Then you can let the experts get to work! The team will make sure you’re completely happy with where everything is, before gathering up all their packing materials and taking them off for recycling. We can also arrange additional storage space after the move, should you not have quite enough space for all of your belongings – just ask your team for details.


Read the meters…

Don’t forget the read the meters in your new home – again, taking a picture on your phone is a useful tip.


…and get switched on

Good removals firms (such as the Master Removers) will make sure your essential white goods, such as fridge-freezer and washing machine are plugged in and working, and can also locate electricians and handymen for you.


Bedding down

It’s worth making up the beds as soon as possible. That way you can sink into your bed at the end of the day, without having to worry about making it first (you will be exhausted!)


Any lost property?

If the previous owners have left any items behind, set aside a box for passing on at a later stage.


Make yourself at home!

After a long and busy day, it’s time to relax and enjoy your new home. Never mind the boxes – just unwind with your family and order a takeaway! Now where’s that bottle opener…


Found this useful? Check out our comprehensive stress-busting Moving Checklist here (there’s a even a downloadable version to stick on your fridge).

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