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What to look for when choosing a firm for an overseas removal

Posted on 20th November 2017 by Master Removers

Moving abroad can be particularly challenging for you and your family, with extended journey times, continental crossings and customs considerations to take into account… not to mention settling in when you arrive at your destination.

So it’s essential to make sure that your chosen removal company understands and can deal with the logistical and other issues that an international move entails. Our handy guide considers the 8 key areas you need to think about when choosing a firm to manage your overseas move.


1) Experience

Don’t leave anything to chance! Ask your removal company what experience they have had with similar overseas moves. You need an established firm, with a good reputation and offering competitive rates. Ask for testimonials from previous customers, and take a good look at any online reviews. Find out whether the company is signed up to the BAR code of practice.



2) A dedicated move manager

With an overseas move, there are additional elements which will need to be carefully coordinated. Ask your removal company whether they have a dedicated manager who will be responsible for your moving strategy and who will act as your main point of contact. Find out whether this will be the same person when your reach your destination country.


3) A clear plan

It’s important to establish how your move will work in terms of timings, and what will happen when your reach the other end. You may need to arrive in the country before your possessions, for customs purposes. Your removal company should be able to advise you on all elements of the move, from identifying the most appropriate form of transport for your possessions, to giving you an idea of timescales for the transit of your goods and their passage through customs.


4) Legal knowledge

Depending on exactly where you’re moving to, there may be additional legal requirements and/or restrictions. For example, it may not be possible to pack certain goods into a shipping container for transit. Ask your removal company whether they can assist with any legal forms and cross-border issues. Your removal company should also have sufficient local knowledge and be able to take into account any events, such as festivals, which could potentially affect your moving schedule.

A good removal company, such as a Master Remover, will take care of all the official requirements, including customs paperwork, and make sure you and your goods are well looked after in transit.


5) Specialist packing and storage services

For an overseas move, you should consider making use of your removal company’s packing and storage services. Goods which are travelling overseas need additional protection, and an experienced removal firm will be able to provide expert packing services for export purposes, complete with quality boxes and containers, wrap and other specialist packaging materials. This will not only reduce stress and save time, but will help to ensure that your belongings arrive safe and sound following the long transit – however large, fragile or awkward they may be.

Find out whether your removal company can provide cost-effective packing and storage services, and how they will handle fragile items during their extended journey. You should also ask whether they offer a full unpacking service at the other end, to help get you established in your new home quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.


6) Transparency on costs

You should make sure that you are clear on exactly what is included as part of your moving package. Ask for a breakdown of what’s included in the fee, and whether there may be any additional costs, such as customs charges. It’s also important to ensure that you have in place appropriate insurance to cover your overseas move. Your removal company should be able to advise you, and offer any additional cover.


7) Opportunities to save costs for smaller removals

Depending on the size of your removal, it may be possible to combine your move with other overseas removals, reducing the overall cost. If you don’t need a full individual removal service it’s worth finding out whether your removal company makes regular consignments to your destination country.


8) Aftercare

Finally, once you and your possessions have safely reached your destination it’s important to consider what kind of aftercare your removal company can offer, and what will happen if there are any problems. Can they help you with settling in after the move, for example by offering multilingual support, and recommending local services such as plumbers or electricians?


If you’re making a move overseas, it’s essential that you choose an experienced and trustworthy removal company who can help with all aspects of the move, from securely packing your goods and coordinating their transit, to dealing with official requirements, and helping you and your family to settle in at the other end.

A qualified Master Remover can offer great value international removals without the stress, ensuring a safe and comfortable passage for you and your possessions throughout the duration of the move and beyond. Contact us for a quote.