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Master Removers Group on Google Reviews and Trustpilot

Posted on 20th December 2022 by Master Removers

One of the key principles of every company in the Master Removers Group is its total and unwavering commitment to good customer service. We firmly believe that if customer service is scrupulously looked after, then the rest falls into place. As soon as customer service is subjugated to another concern, things start falling apart. We know from the horror stories we’ve heard over the years just what a bad sign it is when a company doesn’t provide decent customer service. When, for example, they make themselves hard to get hold of – like the delivery companies who make it impossible to get in touch by telephone – and hide behind complicated keypad-operated menu systems or inadequate online contacts forms. We pride ourselves on being the opposite. And one of the ways we stay on top of customer service is by paying close attention to our reviews and customer feedback. 

We know that when you’re moving house (or office), while it might just be another day at work for us, for you it’s potentially a pivotal moment in your life. It could be daunting and stressful. And some consideration needs to be given to which moving company to choose; not an easy task in an overcrowded market. That’s where online reviews can be so useful, especially Google Reviews and TrustPilot who have good measures in place to make sure bogus reviews get taken down, so you can use them in confidence. 

Every day, we stay abreast of our online reviews to see where we’re doing well and where there might be room for improvement. We’re not interested in standing still, which is just another form of deterioration. We’re always keen to consider ways of getting better and better. Here’s a glimpse into where our customers stand when it comes to the Master Removers Group companies and their performance. 


A removals company is nothing if it’s not efficient. Earlier this year, client Simeon Kempshall complimented the Camp Hopson Removals service for just this quality, adding in his Google review, “…very professional throughout. Very courteous and efficient. Nothing fazed the guys, helped me to keep calm on a day that, as everyone knows, can be very stressful. Would absolutely recommend.” In a similarly thoughtful Google review in spring 2022, Khadija Meghji wrote fondly of her experience with Thomas Firbank Removals, remarking, “Turned up nice and early and were so efficient. They took great care of the walls and carpets as well. No job was beyond them and they were really polite. They went beyond what was required of them, happily moving anything I asked them to. I highly recommend this company.” 

In fact, ‘efficient’ is a compliment that recurs wherever we look. Mrs Driscoll was looked after by WH Cox & Son Removals with a job during the complications of the covid era in August 2020. She wrote on TrustPilot: “On time, efficient, fast, courteous, cheerful and mindful of social distancing. Packing, loading up and delivery went perfectly to schedule, nothing lost or broken. The price was competitive and my contact was incredibly helpful and flexible as timeframes were tight due to my buyer’s insistence on exchange and completion the same day.”


Few things make a move worse than any kind of bad attitude, whether it’s brusqueness, insolence, rudeness or just lack of inclination to go the extra mile and be helpful. Then there’s also familiarity – companies in the Master Removers Group are always good-natured and friendly, but we know we’re not visiting you for a social call, so we don’t overstep the line. Letting us into your homes is an act of trust that we take pains to deserve. Aussie Removals client, Kim Vaudrey, picked up on this in a Google review when she wrote, “Very efficient, friendly guys who just got on with the job. Good attitude, hard-working, respectful and considerate. Just what you need from removal men. Would thoroughly recommend for a very efficient and good-quality service.”


All the Master Removers Group companies employ movers, drivers, packers and office staff who have a spirit of co-operation and an innate inclination to help. Good moves depend on people with an accommodating, generous personality. In November 2022, this attribute was picked up on by Amanda Goatly, who booked Woods Removals in Dorset for an important job. She wrote, “The men arrived early and got on with the job. They asked questions if they needed to and worked well as a team. We would highly recommend Woods for any removals.” The same observations appear in the Google Reviews for Johnsons of Shaftesbury whom Adrian Pratt used for a recent house-move. “I can only describe the service as impeccable,” he commented, adding, “every aspect of the removal was accomplished with great care. Nothing was too much trouble. There was a great team spirit displayed throughout. A job done to an extremely high standard.”

No Breakages

The last thing you want to have to worry about when you’re moving house is the safety of your possessions, fixtures, fittings, walls and carpeting. Our movers treat your belongings with care and respect and move through your property without bashing walls or damaging flooring. Anthony Ward Thomas Removals has a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot and many reviews note the thoughtfulness and care of their movers. In September 2022, Amalie used AWT for a move and remarked, “The guys arrived on time and did my move in two hours. Super speedy and considerate with my things. Everything is in perfect condition. In the new house, they moved the boxes to the rooms I need them in. Thank you!”


It costs nothing to be polite and we know it enhances the moving experience for everyone involved. In December 2022, Andrew Medhurst used London’s Gentleman & A Van to relocate from the capital to Devon. “We’re very happy with the quality of service, from initial visit to delivery of all boxes to our new home. All the guys were polite, with good communication, and treated our possessions with great care. We thoroughly recommend.” This is a recurring theme in our Google Reviews, with Gill White, who used InStore to move during lockdown, commenting, “I felt quite confident using InStore. They were polite, efficient and nothing was too much trouble. I would use them again.”