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Coping with the emotional side of moving home

Posted on 8th August 2017 by Master Removers

Moving home is one of those landmark moments in life, and there’s no denying that while it may be an exciting time, there can also be a fair amount of emotional stress. From the moment you first make that decision to uproot, to choosing your new house, and finding someone to transport all of your worldly possessions, that’s a lot of big decisions.

And there’s so much to remember – from which forms you need to complete, to who you need to tell… and what about the children and pets! And what will happen to Great Aunt Elsie’s precious antique clock

It’s important to remember that moving is a big step, and it’s only natural that you and your family may find the experience emotionally challenging at times. Here we suggest ways in which you can help to deal with the upheaval and reduce the stress of moving.


Make time to plan

Planning ahead can help significantly. By getting organised, giving yourself plenty of time, and creating schedules and checklists, you can make sure you have everything covered.

Plus there’s something satisfying about being able to tick things off the list, and it will show you that you are moving closer to your goal. Try to build in some contingencies, as part of this process, so that you’re able to adjust to any unexpected events more easily.



Get packing early

You should allow as much time as possible for packing. This invariably takes longer you might expect, and involves sorting, decision-making (and nostalgia) – never mind physical packing time. Now is the time to get rid of as much clutter as possible, in order to minimise the amount of packing you have to do, as well as your costs, and make things easier when you arrive at the other end. Remember that clearing out can actually be a very liberating experience!

One tip: it can be much less stressful to move all your things into storage and de-clutter from there, rather than trying to get rid of things in your current home. See more Moving House ‘hacks’ here.

But of course, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Hiring the services of an established removal company can help to reduce the stress no end. A good removal company will be able to offer a full packing service, complete with boxes and materials, as well as helping to unload your possessions and providing storage solutions should you need them.


Prepare for the transition

It’s natural to have a sense of anticipation about moving. This may include feelings of regret or anxiety about settling in. If you’re moving to a new area, you may feel sad about leaving friends and familiar places behind. Acknowledge your feelings, which are perfectly normal, and share them with your friends. Think about throwing a leaving party, or arrange a dinner. If possible make a date for your friends and your children’s friends to visit once you’ve settled into your new home. And remember there’s always Skype!

To help with the idea of settling in, try researching local interest groups. Look forward to the positive things about your new home, such as enjoying your new garden, or painting your bedroom in your favourite colours. Once you’ve arrived, make an effort to introduce yourself to your new neighbours – invite them over for a cuppa and a chat.



Reassure your children

Your children may also be nervous about the idea of moving house. Give them the opportunity to voice any worries or concerns, and highlight the positives of the move. Get them engaged – not just with the actual move, but in the planning, for example by talking about their new bedroom, and asking them to draw a picture of where they might put their things. Take them out for a fun treat, such as a trip to the cinema, where you can all forget about the move for a while.

When you’ve arrived at your new home, encourage them to meet with other children in the area, for example by visiting the local park or joining an activity or after school club. Establishing a new daily routine as quickly as possible can help your children to adjust. Above all, remember that children are very resilient, and they will settle down in time.


Take a break from the boxes

It’s important to look after yourself, too. Take some time out from thinking about checklists or boxes to do something relaxing and enjoyable, even if it’s just a bit of reading or going for a walk.

Try not to skimp on sleep as possible, regular exercise (apart from the box packing) and sensible food – though of course allowing for the odd takeaway as moving day approaches! If you’re feeling very stressed, it may be worth trying some relaxation or mindfulness techniques.


Moving later in life

If the time has come for you to downsize from your family home, it may be that there are some additional emotional factors to deal with. You may be leaving a home that you’ve lived in for several decades, and where your children grew up.

A good removal company will work with you in a way that is sensitive to your needs. It’s also helpful have a friend or family member on hand to offer you practical and moral support, both with sorting through your possessions and on moving day. Some people like to take a few photographs of the house before they go or pack up a memory box with favourite items.

But above all remember that a house is just bricks and mortar – your memories will always be there, and will travel with you to your new home.


Embrace the change

Moving house is often accompanied by other major life events, such as a new job opportunity, a relationship change, and a change of schools for the children. Dealing with such change and unfamiliarity isn’t always easy – even when we have initiated it! You may be excited about the idea of moving, yet still find the experience emotionally draining.

Whatever the reason for your move, try to see this as a new start and embrace this next stage in your life.


As Master Removers, our experienced and reliable remocal teams will make sure that your move is as smooth as possible. From helping with the packing, to safely installing you at the other end, we’ll have everything in hand. Find your nearest Master Remover here.