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Christmas parties and events – special storage and moving services

Posted on 8th November 2017 by Master Removers

If you’re hosting a big Christmas event, one of the biggest challenges is how to cope with all the furniture. You may need to shift dozens or even hundreds of tables and chairs to a location. Or you might just need to clear a lot of stuff out of your house for a few days so there’s room for your guests. That can be a real logistical challenge, not to mention all the physical work involved.

Hiring a team of professional removers can take the problem out of your hands, leaving you to concentrate on the catering, invitations and the thousand and one other things you need to organise. It can also be very affordable.

Here are some smart ways a removals firm can help you in the Christmas season.


Christmas parties and events


Short-term furniture storage

If you need to empty your house of furniture for a few days, a removal and storage firm is the perfect answer. A Master Remover can collect your furniture, store it for as long as is needed, and then put it all back in situ when the party is over. As one of our customers put it, it’s a ‘bed and breakfast service for my furniture’.


Moving furniture within a building

Need tables, chairs and other furniture shifted around a house, into a marquee, or within an office building for an event? A removal team can do it swiftly and safely – saving you the heavy lifting and stress.


Bringing tables and chairs to your venue

If you need to transport a large number of tables, chairs and other furniture to A to B, hire a removals team for maximum efficiency.


Bringing Christmas trees and decorations out of storage

Christmas features and decorations such as large artificial trees for office buildings are often stored away off site somewhere for most of the year. A team of movers will have all the necessary muscle, vehicles and equipment to bring them to you in time – and can then collect them again in the New Year.



Special Christmas services

There are many other, perhaps less obvious ways a removals firm can help you in the festive season. At Master Removers some of our more unusual requests include:


  • Hamper deliveries – if you or your business gives out bulky hampers at Christmas, using removers with vans to do a delivery run is a cost-effective solution.
  • Charity donation collections – some businesses have hired Master Removers to drive round their branches, collecting boxes of charity donations to deliver to a single address.


Master Removers offer much more than just house moves and long-term storage. We have vans, equipment and experienced teams of willing people who love to get a job done and can always find a way of solving any tricky logistical problem.

Call for a quote if we can help you this Christmas.