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Final Mile Delivery & Installation

Bishopsgate Go the Extra Mile to Deliver the Right Service –

Bishopsgate believes that going the extra mile for their customers is part of a standard level of service. That’s why their Final Mile Delivery and Installation service ends at the actual point of use. Bishopsgate are experts in delivering equipment and materials to challenging sites. This makes it possible to navigate their way through tight staircases and awkward access points. Moreover, they can do this with no damage to your company’s equipment.

Every team member has the experience and resources to tackle any delivery site situation. They provide them with the necessary training and equipment to complete any delivery and installation job. Bishopsgate have all the latest in moving equipment. In addition to every type of crane and hoist, they have robotic stair walkers, stair climbing and stair lifting machinery. Above all, the end result is an efficient and safe delivery and installation service.

Expertise and Efficiency as Standard –

The value that their Final Mile Delivery and Installation offers their clients is efficiency and expertise. Every team that works for Bishopsgate has years of experience and training in the installation of complex, sensitive and valuable equipment. That includes photocopiers, ATMs, safes, medical equipment and electronics. They will unload and unpack everything for you, in addition to all assembly and product testing.

There are always situations that need extra planning and post-installation assistance. For the more unusual cases, they can provide in-house trainers and logistics technicians to work closely with a lead person at your company. Accordingly, they have facilitating training programmes for your staff, so you can establish a comprehensive understanding of the equipment they install.

Constant Monitoring of Goods in Transit and Security Measures –

Every logistics and installation service they provide is overseen via Bishopsgate HQ in Swindon. This is where planning and project management play keys parts in your delivery and installation. Furthermore, their vehicles have satellite tracking and immobilisers. Each delivery and installation have a minimum of two crew members for each truck, and they are in constant communications with them.

Full training of every delivery and installation crew member is a requirement. And every member of their staff is consummate professionals, who must pass strict recruitment criteria and vetting processes. Your goods and equipment are in constant tracking and monitoring throughout their journey to the site.

At Bishopsgate Logistics, their Final Mile Delivery and Installation service offers the maximum support with the minimum level of disruption for your business. There is no challenge they can’t handle, and more importantly – they ensure the safety and security of your equipment when in transit and onsite.

Bishopsgate Logistics – the UK’s Number One for Final Mile Delivery and Installation