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Our Brand New All Singing All Dancing Depot In Tolworth

Posted on 5th October 2020 by Master Removers

THE brand new, state of the art Tolworth depot for The Master Removers Group was all-singing, all-dancing recently when it was chosen by country-pop duo Ward Thomas as the backdrop to their latest music video. The duo’s connections come via their father Anthony and his company of 40 years, Ward Thomas Removals – which was […]


Winter Moving Made Easier

Posted on 30th September 2020 by Master Removers

Packing up a house and putting a thousand-and-one fiddly affairs in order before a move can be a daunting proposition even when the days are long and plentiful rays of energising sunshine are at hand to keep us going and top up our morale. Add to that clement temperatures and the feelgood vibes of spring […]


London’s Best Suburbs

Posted on 4th August 2020 by Master Removers

The ongoing changes and restrictions placed on our lives by coronavirus have been accompanied by a trickle of news stories about more and more people wanting to leave London and build new lives in the countryside. At the peak of lockdown, people’s love of London life waned a bit as they contended with life inside […]


London Housing Market – Coronavirus Update

Posted on 19th June 2020 by Master Removers

As we move from the extreme nationwide strictures of Covid-19 lockdown, first into a kind of lockdown-lite and now into a phase in which more and more businesses are resuming some form of ‘normal’ activity, many people are wondering about where this leaves the removals industry and the London housing market in general. The Master […]


Is Now A Good Time To Move To The Country

Posted on 1st June 2020 by Master Removers

As we move into a lockdown grey area (some might contend that it’s always been a grey area), the possibility of forging a new life, away from the cramped conditions of the city and into the comparably spacious and verdant meadows of the countryside, is more appealing than ever. Not only is summer a more […]


Corona Virus-proofing your home

Posted on 14th April 2020 by Master Removers

You and your family, along with the rest of the country, are in lock-down. And while this measure dramatically improves everyone’s chances of prospering and staying well, it doesn’t entirely eliminate risks. That’s because, when we go out for exercise, shopping or to help someone vulnerable, we come into contact with a variety of people […]


Moving House During Coronavirus

Posted on 13th March 2020 by Master Removers

It’s the word on everyone’s lips at the moment: coronavirus. This health hazard, with its deceptively innocuous name, is rampaging through the world, causing lock-down in some territories and flight bans in others. And the advice changes from region to region, as do the attitudes. While some are breezily dismissive of the threat, casually referring […]


Myths About Moving House – Part 1

Posted on 27th November 2019 by Master Removers

By the time you pack up your house and set out for pastures new, you will in all likelihood already have encountered 101 myths, usually negative, about the process. Some of them become self-fulfilling prophecies – things you bring into being just by expecting them. Others may not come true but will still cast a […]


Moving House In November

Posted on 14th October 2019 by Master Removers

When we think of new starts and new beginnings, we instinctively thing of the springtime months – April and May, perhaps. After all, what could be more fitting than to move into your brand new dream home in the time of the year most commonly associated with rebirth and renewal? However, it could quite plausibly […]


When Do I Start Moving House?

Posted on 5th August 2019 by Master Removers

A million and one words have been written about how hard it is to move house. It’s had the unfortunate effect of becoming an ever-worsening self-fulfilling prophecy. Whole nations have effectively gas-lighted themselves into believing that moving house will be as gruelling, nay soul-destroying, as the death of a spouse or a child. While it’s […]