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What Rights Do Tenants Have In The UK?

Posted on 8th December 2021 by Master Removers

It’s an issue that found itself centre-stage during the covid pandemic, when tenants were given a grace period, during which they were allowed longer notice periods, at first six months, and then – as the situation appeared to improve – four. Bailiff-enforced evictions were suspended.This was a gesture designed to recognise the difficulty tenants faced […]


Pros and Cons of Shared Ownership Schemes

Posted on 31st August 2021 by Master Removers

Should I Use a Shared Ownership Scheme? You’ve almost certainly heard about shared ownership, but – like most of the population – that may be where your knowledge about them begins and ends. They certainly sound like something that could help people get a foot in the door of the housing market. And they’re even […]


Should I Buy a New Build Property?

Posted on 9th June 2021 by Master Removers

Some people shudder at the thought of living in anything more modern than a Victorian property and have quite strong views about new builds, regardless of whether they’re designed to mimic period styles. But there are plenty of others who can’t wait to leave behind their old, creaking, repair-prone home and move into a place […]


Should I Buy A House That Needs Renovating?

Posted on 15th April 2021 by Master Removers

It’s a question as old as the first civilisation, and yet – even in this new millennium – we’re no closer to a one-size-fits-all, definitive answer. For every person with the Midas touch, the luck and the know-how to turn a ruin into a beautiful and valuable home, there’s another who’s ended up with a […]


2021 Predictions for the U.K. Housing Market

Posted on 18th February 2021 by Master Removers

No industry is immune from the disruption wrought by the covid-19 pandemic, as it pushes us from lockdown to ill-fated tier system and back to lockdown and more lockdown. Even with all the changes to process, such as online viewings and no-contact removals jobs, the housing market – like anything else that forms part of life […]


How Will The New Tier System Affect House Moves

Posted on 4th December 2020 by Master Removers

Now that England has emerged from the second lockdown and back into the tier system, you might think, with a sigh of relief, that the conditions resemble those we experienced before the second lockdown. But, as if to be confusing for confusion’s sake, we’re not reverting to the earlier tier system but instead entering a […]


Our Brand New All Singing All Dancing Depot In Tolworth

Posted on 5th October 2020 by Master Removers

THE brand new, state of the art Tolworth depot for The Master Removers Group was all-singing, all-dancing recently when it was chosen by country-pop duo Ward Thomas as the backdrop to their latest music video. The duo’s connections come via their father Anthony and his company of 40 years, Ward Thomas Removals – which was […]


Winter Moving Made Easier

Posted on 30th September 2020 by Master Removers

Packing up a house and putting a thousand-and-one fiddly affairs in order before a move can be a daunting proposition even when the days are long and plentiful rays of energising sunshine are at hand to keep us going and top up our morale. Add to that clement temperatures and the feelgood vibes of spring […]


London’s Best Suburbs

Posted on 4th August 2020 by Master Removers

The ongoing changes and restrictions placed on our lives by coronavirus have been accompanied by a trickle of news stories about more and more people wanting to leave London and build new lives in the countryside. At the peak of lockdown, people’s love of London life waned a bit as they contended with life inside […]


London Housing Market – Coronavirus Update

Posted on 19th June 2020 by Master Removers

As we move from the extreme nationwide strictures of Covid-19 lockdown, first into a kind of lockdown-lite and now into a phase in which more and more businesses are resuming some form of ‘normal’ activity, many people are wondering about where this leaves the removals industry and the London housing market in general. The Master […]