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8 Reasons to Use a Specialist Removal and Storage Service

Posted on 21st August 2022 by Master Removers

For most companies, general business removal or storage services will suffice for their needs. However, there are others that can’t afford to leave their business’s equipment in the hands of anyone except an expert. This can be due to the value of the items or the technical setup necessary to install and get the machine up and running.

If you’re the owner of a company that works with highly sophisticated equipment, there’s no margin for error. You need to work with a logistics company with a proven track record. They need to understand how to handle sensitive and, typically, expensive devices and tools. Bishopsgate is part of the Master Removers Group, and they work with hundreds of B2B and B2C enterprises in the UK and Europe. Here are their top eight reasons why people use their specialist services.

Contents –

  1. Expertise – Using Professionals with Specialist Knowledge and Equipment
  2. Insurance – Vital Information on Coverage and Assistance
  3. Range of Services – Exclusive Logistics Packages
  4. Warehousing – Industrial Scale Storage at Strategic Locations
  5. Convenience – Strategic Planning and Delegate Every Task
  6. Peace of Mind – Work with Professionals with Specialist Handling Skills
  7. Efficient and Cost-effective – Avoid Downtime and Poor Service Delivery
  8. Flexible – Tailormade Packages to Fit your Business’s Requirements 

1: Expertise – Using Professionals with Specialist Knowledge and Equipment –

Specialist removal and storage companies have the experience and expertise to handle your business’s equipment and goods safely and securely. And when it comes to working with experts, you won’t find another logistics provider like Bishopsgate. They excel in providing the highest standards of customer care and service delivery.

If your business has sensitive or highly valuable equipment requiring transportation and installation, you must book the best. Bishopsgate takes this to the next level. For example, they recently installed a medical scanner that weighs 7.6-tons and is valued at over one million dollars. That’s the standard of service and capability you’ll receive when working with them.           

2: Insurance – Vital Information on Coverage and Assistance –

You might think it’s inevitable that business customers will have insurance in place before initiating a relocation. From experience, this isn’t always the case. Luckily, Bishopsgate has public and product liability insurance. You can read more about this and other important information in the terms and conditions section.

We suggest consulting an insurance broker to ensure your company has comprehensive coverage. Similarly, if you already have a policy, don’t assume it covers the removal or moving of items to storage. Provide your insurer with the full details to double-check. The last thing you want is for a problem to arise, and you can’t make a claim.

The Bishopsgate team can refer you to the same insurers they use and will assist with any documentation and information you need to send them.

3: Range of Services – Exclusive Logistics Packages –

Most specialist removal and storage companies offer a range of services, from packing and unpacking to furniture assembly and disassembly. However, they often fall short when it comes to genuinely providing comprehensive business removal services. That’s because they don’t understand how to handle and transport niche equipment.

Bishopsgate stands head and shoulders above any other business moving and logistics provider. To summarise, here’s a breakdown of each specialist service they offer below:

 4: Warehousing – Industrial Scale Storage at Strategic Locations –

Whether relocating to new premises or making space in your current one, businesses benefit from using storage. It provides extra spacing and security that your office or factory lacks the provisions to perform. And when you see what Bishopsgate’s warehousing service entails, you’ll understand why high-end companies use them.

Their warehousing goes beyond the typical storage service. They use computerised systems that monitor and log every item, not just each storage container. For instance, they use temperature controls, and everything that goes into their warehouse remains in perfect condition. That’s why industries like advanced IT and manufacturers of medical equipment trust and work with them.

Additionally, Bishopsgate is a member of the Master Removers Group. This gives their clients a network of partner companies in strategic locations throughout the UK. That equates to warehouse and storage provisions for long-distance haulage or national moving jobs.

5: Convenience – Strategic Planning and Delegate Every Task –

There are two key ingredients to a successful relocation. The first is understanding the time constraints you need to apply. Therefore, we advise all our Master Removers Group business and domestic customers to start preparing to relocate immediately. If there’s something you can do today, don’t put it off until tomorrow. And this is an essential point of order for a business that needs specialist services.

Bishopsgate will work with your team to create a unique strategy for your move. Likewise, they go in-depth into the roles of your company to identify any tasks they can perform on your behalf. Relocating is a highly stressful undertaking, and wherever possible, they’ll take the burden off your shoulders. Accordingly, this gives you more time to inform your clients and supply chain. 

6: Peace of Mind – Work with Professionals with Specialist Handling Skills –

Dealing with your company’s logistics and warehousing can be an arduous task, not to mention stressful. Moving to a new workplace or installing high-end machinery and equipment takes it up a notch. That’s why you’ll need to completely trust the company you book to undertake these duties. However, if you have reservations about delegating entire tasks over, you’re probably working with the wrong provider.

Bishopsgate’s clients have complete confidence in their ability to deliver. Their team understands there’s no room for error – they have one opportunity to get it right. Moreover, they consistently achieve the desired outcome, all without causing any stress for you. You have the peace of mind that professionals are always handling your goods and hardware. 

7: Efficient and Cost-effective – Avoid Downtime and Poor Service Delivery –

With any relocation, every company will have to mitigate an inevitable loss of operational time. However, if the business removal company misses a deadline, it can have a snowball effect. You’re then dealing with disgruntled suppliers or customers, or both in extreme situations! That’s the unfortunate reality if you choose a generalist remover instead of a specialist.

Bishopsgate works within a strict timeline, and they agree and set deadlines and targets in advance of your moving day. They do this to ensure there are no issues with access points or loading. Furthermore, their team need to understand how your business functions in detail. A manufacturing company with a supply line has different needs from a medical equipment manufacturer. The details make all the difference.

Efficiency leads to cost-effectiveness. Every hour over your downtime could cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in lost revenue. You’ll be up and running without disruption when you work with Bishopsgate. 

8: Flexible – Tailormade Packages to Fit your Business’s Requirements –

When looking for potential logistics and warehousing companies, remember to see how flexible they are. Some will have set packages that don’t have much leeway if you have non-typical specifications. Others, like Bishopsgate, have plenty of wiggle room regarding unique requirements and niche items.

It’s not a case of looking at who offers the cheapest rates. You need to balance this with high standards of customer service. Moreover, you also need to factor in the competency and flexibility of each provider. And be specific when seeking quotes about the precise service you need. Any logistics company worth its salt will be more than happy to discuss your job in detail. 

Book with Bishopsgate – Your Company Deserves the Best –

You need to bring in the experts if you have valuable equipment, furniture, or other work items. This means working with a logistics and warehousing provider that delves into the details and leaves nothing to chance. You won’t find another company that offers and can deliver these specialist packages. It takes decades of experience and the correct handling tools to perform the service.

It doesn’t begin and end when they complete the job. Bishopsgate will assist with the planning stages to ensure you’re ready for the big move or installation. They know that thorough preparation is the key ingredient to success. Furthermore, after they install and assemble the equipment or move you to your new workplace, there’s full aftercare services available.

Don’t take unnecessary risks by using a normie business removals service. Click here to speak to a Bishopsgate team member, and they’ll guide you through the process. You’ll receive a free, detailed quotation with further information about the best service for your requirements.